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Look around less, imagine more.. Abraham Hicks

Law of Attraction Affirmation of the day:

Look around less, imagine more...

1. I expect only the best to happen and it does.
2. My body is healthy and my mind is peaceful and clear.
3. I allow myself to think and dream in unlimited ways.
4. I look more and more beautiful each and everyday.
5. My work is my play. I do what I love.
6. I wake up full of joy. I look forward to my day.
7. I appreciate all that I have.
8. I do whatever I please and it feels great.
9. I bring love and a positive attitude to everything that I do.
10. I create what I want effortlessly.
11. I change the world around me by changing myself.
12. I let go easily trusting that nothing leaves my life unless something better is coming.
13. I am happy, healthy and whole.
14. I love my body just as I am.
15. I love my life, it is wonderful exciting and fun.
16. I wake up full of joy and I look forward to my day.
17. I have a balanced healthy life and I take care of myself.
18. I trust that I will always be ok.
19. I deserve to be happy.
20. I have all that I want and desire.
21. Life is amazing only good things happen to me.

23. Whether you say "I can" or "I can't" you are 100% right.

You should create and perform affirmations daily in order to keep yourself in the vibration of always feeling good.

Even if you feel you are affirming something that hasn't occurred in your life yet. When you affirm what you want before seeing the evidence of it, you are sending out a powerful vibration into the universe of what you desire and you will receive it. 

Daily Affirmations
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