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Look around less, imagine more.. Abraham Hicks

The Secret Attraction Process

Do you want to know the secret on how to attract everything you want?


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The Secret and The Law of Attraction

5 Key Lessons I learned on the path to discovering the law of attraction

I have developed this site to discuss in depth "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction". I want everyone to understand that "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction" are essentially the same thing. I have spent some time studying, practicing and fine tuning this "power" of manifesting everything you want. I have gone from complete cynic to TOTAL BELIEVER in these abilities EVERYONE has. I am excited to share what I have learned and am eager to help you get everything you would like in your life!

Here is an awesome youtube video to give you an overview of the law of attraction.

There were so many lessons I learned on my path to learning and applying the law of attraction that I want to share with all of you.

We all have the power of the law of attraction within each and every one of us. I give some great examples under the "Our Programming" tab, of how it has served all of us in the past in one way, shape, or form and we didn't even know it!

The 5 key lessons I learned:

  • You can't do it without utilizing the multitude of resources that are out there on the subject. I have included some great resources (many are FREE) under the " Law of Attraction Love " and " Our Programming " tabs. Please utilize these to assist you on your path!                                                         
  • You have to completely understand the law of attraction to use it consistently to obtain all of your desires.
  • The FIRST thing you have to do is to change your mindset (programming). I give you some great resources that helped me on the "Our Programming" page.
  • You need to be prepared to change your surroundings and environment in order to really achieve the full power of the law of attraction. I go into detail on this under  the " Secret of Attraction " tab.
  • You have to be internally and consistently happy (mind, body, and spirit), have true gratitude for everything in your life, and you have to give in order to receive the law of attraction.
Learn Law of Attraction Love
If you know of someone that has learned and applied the Law of Attraction in their lives and been successful at it or if you are interested in learning and aplying these "powers" yourself, this section lays out the "process" by which you too, will experience wonderful manifestations of your own doing! Read More...
Have you ever seen a couple walking down the street and you can tell they are madly, deeply connected and in total love of each other? Do you know a couple like that? Do you wish it was you that could have those same experiences? Well, Great News! You can! Read More....

My Path to Discovering the Law of Attraction

Learn how to Reprogram your mind by Clicking Here 

My path to discovering the law of attraction actually started because of my wife.

She had been manifesting things for some time and although I took notice, it was very easy for me to brush the manifestations off as "lucky", "coincidence", or "it just happened that way".

She told me that I was right it did just "happen that way" but that was because that's the way she wanted it to happen!

That statement meant nothing to me then because my Midwestern upbringing and inherent cynicism always won out.

She kept manifesting and I kept being a non-believer. This continued on for some time.

On top of the manifestations, I noticed too that she was always happy, up beat and always had great energy. She also started doing yoga and eating better (and she had been meditating for some time already too).

One day I decided to try this manifesting myself. I did everything my wife did and guess what? Nothing happened! The fact nothing happened only bolstered my skepticism of the whole idea of amnifesting and the law of attraction.

My wife only laughed at me (lovingly). She turned me on to a video (on the Our Programming page) that talked about our programming. Once I watched that I started to do some more research on the topic.

There are so many resources and experts in this field. I lerned about childhood trauma. Not necessarily physical trauma (although that could be component) but mental and emotional trauma that has occurred to us over our lives and have created the people we are now (as well as the thinking and feeling we have as part of us).

Law of Attraction Affirmations
Programming our minds to Master the Law of Attraction
Daily affirmations and other daily habits you can do to put your mindset into a worthy and receiving mode, along with raising your vibrations and aligning you feelings and your thinking. Read More... 
The most important aspect of mastering the law of attraction is you must have the ability to control your mind. This is the part that gets most people stuck in the law of attraction process. Our minds have been wired a certain way since childhood. But the great news is you CAN reprogram your mind! Read more on how to do this...
Some of the people in this field I highly recommend are Lisa Romano and Dr. Bruce Lipton , who really have gone deep into the programming and subconcious  minds (and how to change that programming). Lisa has an excellent 12 week program that she offfers. (I posted a youtube video of Lisa explaining the reprogramming your mind on the Our Progamming page). Another is Dr. Wayne Dyer and Brian Tracy (click on the banner at the top of this page) who offer step by step challenges to help you discover yourself as you are now and excellent programs to change yourself to the authentic you.

Once I seriously committed to the process and figuring myself out. Why do I do things the way I do them? Why do I feel guilty, shamed, unworthy (sometimes) about doing things or thinking the way I do. I started to get into alignment with my true feelings and thinking.

I also learned how much control of my life I gave to others! 

It took me 3 months of daily mediation, homework (workbooks, videos, books, etc.), affirmations , and perserverance until I started noticing a big difference in me! I felt more light hearted, more happy, more appreciative in everything, more giving, higher vibrations and energy. Honestly I never thought I could feel this awesome.

Now I wasn't a depressed, negative, non-social person before I began this path, but the difference was refreshing and noticeable by everyone, family, friends, and coworkers.

I found this offer from Audible for a free trial one 1 FREE audiobook (below), click on it to take advantage of it. I used audiobooks and ebooks religiously during this 3 month period (and actually to this day) to listen to some of the great resources when I had some down or unaccounted for time (such as driving to/from work, taking kids to school, etc). Great opportunities to make yourself better and closer to mastering the law of attraction.

I can't emphasize enough how important that re-programming part is. Without conquering the "old stuff" engrained in us and our subconcious, we will never be able to truly get in touch with our authentic feelings.

I don't think you ever master that part, but awareness of how you think and feel and how to change those thoughts and feelings on command is really the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT part of  mastering the law of attraction.

After finally getting in tune with myself and my true desires (not someone else's wishes and desires), I began to create a dream board.

For those who don't know what a dream board is, it is a visual compliation of everything you wish (desire) to have in your life. Examples of wish board topics, wealth, health/fitness, love, relationships, cars, boats, private planes, dream homes, virtually an desire you have should be placed on your dream board.

Below is a picture of my dream board from last year.
Dream Board
So my dream board (actually 2 boards) has my dream home in Colorado where I want to retire and live. I have always been into fitness but want to really get healthy and fit (the guy in the pic is 55!). I also love to fish and have a bucket list of places I want to go and fish. My tropical vacation dreams and of course wealth/prosperity.

My board hangs on my wall in the bedroom and I look at it the first thing every morning and its the last thing I look at before I close my eyes at night. 

How this works is, the board is a visual reminder of your desires. It is meant to raise your vibrations when you look at these things that are coming your way (after all the law of attraction says that what you ask for you will get). I will quantify that is it is coming your way if you ask, believe, recieve (this is the creative process which I discuss in detail on the " Secret of Attraction " page. 

This is the perfect opportunity to clear up (and I hear this a lot) is that you can't just sit and focus your attention on manifesting something that you desire and then sit back and wait for it to drop in your lap!

It doesn't work that way!

You have to be in alignment with that vision (or manifestation). What I mean by that is that you have to align your feelings along with the focus and attention.

But you have to be careful not to let negative attention or focus creap in or you may just end up manifesting what you really DON'T want.

You have to still live your life and the law of attraction will "speak to you" in some form or fashion which will lead you to realizing you desire.

An example of this is say you are trying to manifest more money. One day after a meditation (or even cleaning the house) you get a "feeling" or inspiration on something. Maybe that feeling or inspiration is that you open your own business, or that you get a phone call for a new job, or you are invited to be part of a real estate investment group.

What I learned is to NOT DISCOUNT these inspirations or feelings, for this is the law of attraction at work. The reason the law of attraction doesn't work for everyone (even though we all have this power) is that at the point of taking action on one of these spur of the moment felings, thoughts or inspirations, our concious mind talks us out of it!

It places doubt, limitations and other negative aspects into our thinking and as a result we are no closer to acquiring that which we desire.

With our example of the more money manifestation, this feeling of opening our own business comes into our core, but the we have a choice, go for it or talk ourselves out of it by say to ourselves, how can I afford to quit my current job? What if I fail? How am I going to pay for things if this new business starts out slow?

Although these questions seem reasonable on the surface, they alos change our attention to "lack" and what we don't have. Not to mention fear and doubt are the prevailing deep seeded thoughts. 

Learn how the Law of Attraction worked for me Making an Extra $10K a Month!

I know a lot of you are cynical just like I was but I am going to give you two great examples of how the law of attraction worked for me in the last 6 months.

The first example is me manifesting more money. And by the way I should mention that the Universe doesn't care how much money you are trying to manifest. It doesn't judge or question your desires. To the Universe, $2 is the same as $2 trillion!

One of the ways (other than the dream board) I utilized to help me in envisioning this more money manifestation was to write someone close to me (I chose my wife) a letter every day. This was part of the work book I have which was part of the Manifestation Miracle program (on the other pages at the top) Now this letter was never meant to give to her (unless I wanted to). I wrote this same letter, in my journal, daily.

My letter basically said how excited I was to have received an opportunity to make an additional $5000 - $10,000 a month! The letter also went on to say how it was going to help us in finding and building our dream home in Colorado.

Learn Step by Step how I made and extra $10K a month!

I wrote this letter every day for 4 weeks.

In September, I received a call from my old fire department in the Chicago suburbs asking me to assist them in writing a fire grant (I have expereince and some success in writing fire grants).  They said if I agreed they would pay me for my time and work.

Being the nice guy I am and also having loyalty to the department, I agreed to help. Then I got another call for the same request with fire grant writing from another industry friend.

Word of mouth spread and the next thing I knew, I was writing 20 department fire grants! Now I enjoy writing the grants, I thrive on the research and creativity in writing a successful grant and it was helping fire departments get desperately needed resources they themselvs couldn't afford.

The other part of manifesting and reprogramming your mind is giving. Giving not out of obligation but out of want. I am a hopeless giver. I give to ASPCA, St. Jude's Hospital, Wounded Warrior Project and so many more. I tip without trying to figure out 15% or 20%. I just give because it makes me feel good!

As this relates to the grant writing (and law of attraction) is that by me writing grants for smaller fire departnsmt across the U.S. gave me a great feeling of helping and accomplishment.

To make a long story short, for the months of October and November, 2018, I made $15k writing these grants! EXACTLY within the amounts of extra income  I wrote in those 30 letters to my wife!!

My second example is, and remember back to my dream board I referenced earlier in the article, and specifically all of the log homes in Colorado that adorned the board.

We were on a weekend trip to Colorado in the fall to see the beautiful colors and changing of the leaves.

While we were there we ran into a guy who happened to be a realtor in the area. We were all talking about our retirement plans and the fact that my wife and I were looking for land to build and to run a dog and horse rescue.

After talking for a bit with the realtor, he asked us if we had any time over the course of our stay to just go out and take a look at some properties. As part of our discussion, my wife and I pointed out we didn't know what 2 acres looked like, 10 acres, etc.. So maybe going to fully understand how all that acreage really looks like in person.

We agreed to meet the next morning to look at a few just to get that size guage. We had no intent on purchasing and it was an opportunity to see more of the Colorado landscape.

After we looked at about 5 properties, we were ready to call it a day and go play with the dogs at the dog park (we bring our dogs everywhere!), The realtor said that he had one more for us to look at because this piece seemed more in line with what we were looking for in a future property.

We agreed and went to see this last piece of land. By the way, our vision was a secluded, mountain view property that could house a dog and horse rescue.

As we went up this road, we came to a drive way, drove over a quarter mile down this driveway to a beautiful open meadow. We got out of our car and we walked to a level area on the property an looked North.

There were the snowcapped LaPlata Mountains!! I looked at my wife and she had tears running down her cheeks! I should add that she too had a dream board and it had snowcapped mountians on all of her pictures. One picture in particular stood out to me because, if where we were standing there was a house sitting instead of the open land, it was an EXACT replica of what she had on her dream board!

We were shocked, happy, elated shocked but nonetheless shocked. If you look on my dream board there is a house on a slight hill and snow on the ground. This piece of land had some slopes on it and if you walked to the lower meadow and looked up (and picutred a log home there) IT was an EXACT replica of my dream board.

When we finished walking around the 35 acres, we got in the car and started driving back to the hotel. We were rehashing what the realtor told us abouth this land.

It belonged to a couple who had visions of building their dream home there. Sadly, one spouse passed away, so the remaining spouse put the land up for sale. But, that was four years earlier! That property had been for sale for four years!!

We had some wine back at the hotel and we discussed what we just were a part of earlier that day. We decided that we would put in an offer with an extended closing period on it because we had absolutely NO plans on purchasing anything at that time. We needed the extra time to get our finances in order.

To make a long story short, the seller agreed to our terms and we now own that land!

In addition to that we decided to stay on our high and we have enlisted a draft designed to start designing our dream home. Ironically, as I have been typing this article this is what I just got from him. 

So as you can see, we didn't stop at just purchasing the land, we are moving forward with the design and building of this dream home! With what we know of the law  of attraction, everything will work out just as the Universe determines it will, in what time and in what fashion!

It is very exciting! And all this can happen to each and every one of you! Stay tuned more to come!