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The Law of Attraction and Love, Can I get it?

Did you know that you (and everyone) have the power to attract a partner with all of the qualities, looks and characteristics that you want and dream through the Law of Attraction?

So the answer to that question is Yes you can get the law of attraction to manifest the partner of your dreams.
At a party the other night, the topic of conversation relating to “manifesting” and “law of attraction” came up.

Many people (men and women) have expressed how tired they are at being part of relationships that led to nowhere, were miserable, unfulfilling, passionate less, etc.

Many summed up their past relationships with their ex partners as demeaning, some were abusive, most were passionless, unfulfilling and I even heard one describe theirs as “vanilla”. These people all wanted to be part of something other than being Mom/Dad, cook, housekeeper, chauffer, etc. and wanted to be part of something wonderful, loving, warm, tender, full of passion and other great attributes.

I shared with them that they could! It would take some work, doing some soul searching, being open to new things, and forget limitations that we place on ourselves daily.

I shared with them what I have learned about the manifesting process and its secretto success.


What is the secret to manifesting love? 

Here is the SECRET to what I learned over time……

The secret is two parts… One is that your heart and feelings have to align with what your mind is asking for. What I mean by this is you can’t just say that you want a new relationship but your feel empty which means you are NOT in alignment with that request.

In order to attract a partner with the qualities that you want, you must first become the person you want to attract.

Manifesting and (the Law of Attraction) always put people together that are in vibrational alignment. Everything in the Universe is made up of energy. Energy creates vibrations everywhere. So positive energy attracts positive energy and negative energy attract negative energy.

This is an attraction based Universe and you get what you put out. Remember Like attracts Like!

BUT, the vibrational alignment is a tricky venture. The law of attraction states in no uncertain terms that "like attracts like". We also know that in order to align and manifest the partner of our dreams we have to be a vibrational match for this type of person.

What does that mean?

Being a vibrational match, in simple terms, means that if you want to attract someone who is fit, rich, sexy, happy, passionate or whatever characteristics you desire in your manifestation, you have to be those things or give off those vibrations. 

An example of this is of you want to attract someone that has money or is sexy. If those things are part of your perfect partner manifestation, do you have money? are you sexy? Or are you always worried about how much things cost, how much is left in the checking account until next payday? Are you a sexy person? Meaning do you give that off? Is that part of who you are?

If the answer to those kinds of questions are "no" then you have to really do some soul searching to find out why these qualities are missing in you or why you would want your partner to have them?

This was one of the most difficult parts of my journey. Basically it boiled down to who am I really? Not who other people thought I should be, who they judged me to be, who they stereotyped me to be, but who was I based on my self evaluation? 

Let's examine why you want something (behavior, characteristic) in someone that you, yourself don't currently portray and practice. For this example, say you want to manifest someone with money.

Someone with money is not going to be overly worried about how much something costs, they buy what they want when they want because money, financing terms, taking out a loan is really no factor to them. Now look at yourself, do you share that same thinking? If the answer is Yes, then you are in alignment with that part of your manifestation and will be on the road to achieving that desire.

If the answer is "no", then you have to ask yourself why you are not in alignment with that part? Is it because of you comparing to your current lifestyle? Is it how you were brought up? Your beliefs about money? OR is it because you don't feel worthy of living that kind of lifestyle?       

For me, the feeling worthy part was a big obstacle in my early manifestation attempts.

But for our example here, people aren't in alignment with something due to comparing it to their current life situation. Are you currently a paycheck to paycheck person and the reason you are trying to manifest someone with money so you don't have to worry about money anymore? If that was your reason then the law of attraction will not work as you are hoping it does.

It won't work for this simple reason. You are not in alignment with your desire. If your reason is to attract someone with money to make your life easier, you are, in essence, focusing your attention on what you do not have, which in this case is enough money for your current lifestyle. 

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​​People's initial response to this is to say that they are not focusing on what they don't have. This is called manifesting by "default". Simply meaning that although you may not be consciously giving attention to (but you are thinking about) how much things cost, when you get paid next, etc. These thoughts (tattentions or attractions) cause the "default". 

You have to work on eliminating that kind of thinking. It creates the vibration of lack and will not aling you with what you are seeking.

So in our example of manifesting someone with money, it is best to leave your thinking and attention on all of the things you will have when this person comes into your life.

It is also vitally important to start living your life like you already have money. I am not suggesting you run out and buy a Ferrari, but what I am saying is not to focus on the price of things like bills, groceries, whatever.

I am suggesting you place your attention and focus on what you do have. Home, car, clothes and anything else you have. Forget it may not be exactly the things you desire to have, focus on the abundance you do have. This will create a more positive life experience as well as creating a positive energy and vibration which will begin the align you with your intentions.

It sometimes is confusing with the default thinking part. But truly start thinking the way you would want your future manifested partner to be thinking.  

Another obstacle which inhibits attracting the things you desire, is the way you were brought up. In our example of attracting someone with money, were your parents budget conscious? Did they always focus on the cost of things? Were they not able to afford things they wanted so as a child you heard how they would never "get ahead of it".

All of this negativity relating to money creates a foundational progamming download in you. This way of thinking just keeps getting passed on until someone changes it (and in this case it would be you!)  

The last part of of the being in alignment part is the feeling worthy of what you are trying to attract. The other part of that is sometimes we see other people having that what we desire. Almost like a subconscious competition. What we don't know is someone might have many material things, money, handsome or beautiful significant other, etc. And we assume they're happy because they have all of that (which is what we are trying to manifest) and we have a very good chance of being wrong.

Manifesting things based off what we think others have, how others may perceive us if we have what we are focused on attracting, or to be able to show others "look at us" are all reasons we will not get that what we are hoping to attract. It is an offshoot of being "fake". This is because it is not what we authenically want but what might make us look or feel better to ourselves and to others.

I struggled with the feeling worthy of getting things such as money or materialistic things. I was brought up with the programming that you don't need a new car because the other one "still runs good", didn't get new clothes until it was a holiday or birthday because we wore clothing until it literally disintergrated or we couldn't get into.

So for me to go buy new jeans or gym shoes when I had ones that still fit was such an unnerving and foreign concept to me. I would compare that to going on a vacation by myself. To me, it would be lavish to do any of those things because I did not feel worthy of getting clothing (or whatever) for myself when there was no need other that I would like to do it.

So for me changing my thinking so I was more in alignment with what I was trying to manifest and more importantly, changin my thinking so I felt worthy regardless of what others thought or said was paramount.
Empowering yourself, building self confidence and esteem were important parts on my path to being able to successfully apply the law of attraction in  my life. Tuning out others and tuning into myself took some time but the results were AWESOME!

Staying in alignment with my desires, having those manifestations come from my heart instead of my head not only cemented that alignment but is THE most importnat part of manifesting.
But the feelings are the key! Saying words and thinking thoughts without the good feelings that go with them are wasted.I used to say the words but the feelings did not match. Once I got those two things into alignment, manifestations came frequently!

If your intention is to manifest love or a relationship through the law of attraction, what I learned and my best advice is to get real with yourself, be honest to yourself and give a good in depth assessment of all the relationships in your life.

I am assuming that this new love or relationship you are trying to manifest is not the first relationship of your life. With that said, all of the past ones that have not worked out only have one thing in common which is, YOU!

You have to really assess your responsibilities in these past relationships. How was your thinking, your reactions and responses, what was your mindset going into these past relationships?

Giving an honest assessment of these things, identifying things you need to change in yourself (since that is the ONLY person in the world you can control), and implementing a new action plan which will be the blueprint for your change.

Once you implement this new action plan of corrective actions you are committed to make to yourself will be an important step in you achieving your goal of manifesting the love or relationship you really desire.

In my world, I kept attracting women who needed to be taken care of or rescued. I also attracted women who were narcissistic because I never had any boundaries. That was all part of my programming, and as Lisa Romano says "it's not your fault". This means that all of the downloaded programming we have was programmed into us so it is not our fault.

It would be our fault that, once we get in tune with this faulty programming and if we don't change it then it would be our fault it is continuing.   

Some great self growth, self esteem and self confidence building exercises to do are listed on the Secret of Attraction and Our Programming pages of this site.  

My other suggestions are to start getting yourself to feel better everyday. Affirmations, better, cleaner diet, fitness, new clothing, and other feel good things to treat yourself to (as a reminder that you are enough) and to get yourself into a more positive energy and vibrational mode. 

Getting Real With Yourself

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Ask for what it is you are desiring or dreaming of. In the case of a new relationship, get specific about what you want in a partner. Looks, personality, loyalty, loving, caring. Open to showing and being part of an affectionate relationship, a true partner, full supporter, lover and whatever else would be on your wish list! It is YOUR wish list so design yourself your perfect partner.
Once you create that list, put together a dream board with the perfect partner. (I am a FIRM believer in dream boards). You put your dream board that may have images, descriptive words, your feelings about this soon to be and not yet named person! Put your dream board where you will see it every day. It is there to be a physical, mental, and emotional reminder of your desire (manifestation).

I would even take a picture of it on my smartphone so I can remind myself of that desire wherever I am and whatever I am doing.

Next use your imagination. Imagine how you would feel if this person was in your life right now. How does it make you feel good? Good feelings are the best way to attract all things that you dream and want in your life.
Imagine yourself on a tropical destination with the person that you are trying to manifest. Imagine walking hand and hand on the beach, enjoying each others company, and feeling the passion that exists between the two of you.

Imagine your home life  and how it would be at home, receiving gifts, laughing and enjoying each others company, or just being happy to we see each other every day.

Just sit, relax and visualize it in your mind like you are really experiencing it, make it as vivid and real as possible.

Once you get this part done, you are ready to move on to the second part…

Second step: BELIEVE

Believe that your new relationship is on its way. BUT, this is a very difficult part because our programming and “old s..t” get in the way of our being in the believing mindset. Also, believing that we are WORTHY enough to receive this manifestation. I struggled with this part for a long time until I finally broke through.​

Be hopeful, hopeful that the universe will, in fact, deliver the person that you dreamed of. You have to firmly believe that this person will come into your life. You must act as he or she is here now!

Repeat to yourself, I am happy to have the person of my dreams. I love (them) so much. I am so excited to see and be with that person when I get home.
This is the perfect way to get yourself into the belief and thought process that your future partner is in your life now, causing a strong vibration in you and out into the universe that you already have who you have dreamed about (manifested) and those vibrations (energy) will give back to you that what you are feeling.

If you have a long history of bad or failed relationships, you will be so jaded and cynical that this second part will definitely take some time and work. This is where I invested a small amount of money on a couple of INVALAUBLE resources to assist me with this part. Manifestation Miracle was awesome!! It comes with an ebook, guided meditations, and a workbook, all designed to help you through this second step of the manifestation process.

I also utilized a couple of other resources which greatly added to my already building foundation of manifesting knowledge. Here are a couple of other good tools and resources. I also learned first-hand that in order to achieve this lifelong dream of (for our blog purpose) a new wonderful relationship that you have to not only invest and commit your time, attention, heart and soul but also some very small financial investment so you can get the best resources out there.

I could go on for a very long time on this second step but let’s take a quick overview of the third step.

The third step is: RECEIVE​

BE PATIENT! Don’t ask yourself after a few days where your future partner is. If you do that, you are giving off a lack vibration and focusing on not having something, which and the Universe will respond to your lack feelings and vibrations giving you more lack in return, resulting in taking a longer time for you to receive what you are asking for.

Some will be able to attract or manifest a partner faster than others meaning they are in alignment with their thoughts, feelings and giving off good energy and vibrations, so they are able to attract much quicker.

Others will take more time to come into alignment with their thoughts and beliefs in what they are trying to manifest. It isn’t a bad thing. This is where I struggled for quite some time until I was able to break through. Our society (and me) are immediate gratification people and we want things now, now, now!

And do not worry about how or where this person will show up; the Universe will take care of those details for you.

Another point I can't emphasize enough is to practice gratitude everyday. My normal routine is the minute I wake up I do a 10 minute morning meditation that starts my day.

The minute I put my feet on the floor from my bed I thank the Universe for everything I have. Home, family, pets, job, future home, future whatever, I give thanks for!
I then write in my journal everything I am happy for (kinda duplicating what I did earlier but, for me, writing it gets it embedded better into my mind. Ialso write three to five goals I want to accomplish for the day. When I first started my goals were simple, shower, get out of the house on time for work, and to feed the dogs.

As I progressed I still made my goal list but it was more for the overall day. I even had one just for work. The reason for doing these things is to set your vibration on HIGH. You want positive energy to be exuding from you at all points during the day.

The minute you don't think positively and don't focus on what you want, for this blog it's a relationship. If you think "well its been a week and nothing" your energy and vibration is that of "lack" and not abundance. For you are focusing (by default) on what you DON'T have (a partner today) instead of keeping your mind open as to when that person will arrive.

If you don't limit the "when" part, it will come sooner than later, I promise!!

The Manifestation Process You Should Follow to Achieve Your Desires From The Law of Attraction 

The process of manifesting anything, health, wealth, things, relationships, or what have you has THREE STEPS in the process.

​First step: ASK​

Resources to Increase Your Energy and Vibrations