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Look around less, imagine more.. Abraham Hicks

The Secret of Attraction and the Creative Process

Here is an awesome vi deo explaining the law of attractions creative process.

The Creative Process... What is it?

The creative process, what is it? how does it work? how does it relate to the Law of Attraction?

All excellent questions!

The creative process is really the backbone to learning how to apply and master the art of the Law of Attraction. You have to really understand it and what it is meant to do. Once you master it, I can almost assuredly say that you will be receiving all of the manifestions you ccan possibly imagine!

One of the most common misperceptions is that many people believe that if they just wish or envision that which they desire it will just show up the next day!

Not true! Even though the envisioning and asking parts are correct, you still have to get into the right mental mindset, get your feelings into alignment with your manifestation (the most important thing by far), and then do this repeatedly until your manifestation comes to you.
I can only advise to be patient, committed and above all else DO NOT limit yourself or your thinking in any way. Lapses of positive thinking , negative vibrations or focusing on what you don't want or don't have yet will only delay attracting what you really are trying to attract. You must practice the creative process daily. 

The Creative Process in a nutshell:

First find a quite place in your home that you can access anytime. I converted an extra bedroom into my "quiet place". Place things that important to you and that bring you happiness, serenity, and peace. Pictures, candles, special lighting, whatever brings you those good feelings and energyIt is important that this designated place be accessible anytime during the day and will be free of distractions and interruptions.

Next you will want to dedicate about 15 to 20 minutes each day. Mind you it does not have to be the exact time each day but it is vital that the time is dedicated at some point during the day.

Next you will get in a comfortable position (sitting or laying down). This is not a meditative state you will be in. You will be in a state of really utilizing focus on what you are really wanting (the thing you are manifesting). You will be placing an intense amount of focus on this "thing". The key is that th focus has to have such clarity that your "Inner Being" also know as your "Higher Self" responds with some kind of growing emotion. Mine was usually happiness coupled with excitement. (kind of like the feeling you have when you're looking forward to that awesome vacation you have gone on in the past).

The Law of Attraction is always at work. Whether you are in a good mood (or vibration) or a bad one, The law does not differentiate your mood, energy or vibration.

The law will work on aligning you with what you are thinking  about and focusing on every second of every day.

So while in your quiet place picturing that which you desire, bring in life experiences such as going to work, working around the house, interactions with family, friends, children. Focus on the good in all of these areas.

A great conversation with a coworker or significant other, laughing with your children, playing with your pets. Bring that positive energy and good vibrations with you as you picture your desire. Practice this every day and you will find FUN in every day!

Bring things into your quiet place that you would like to have in your life. Examples of a joyful, happy personality , a car you would love to own, maybe a new job or profession you would really enjoy having.

Anything that makes you happy bring to that quiet place with you.

While thinking in your place, you will picture yourself with these things you brought with you (in our example a better personality, new car, new job). This thinking will begin the attraction of those things that were making you happy and are what you desire.

So make sure it is really what you desire and have dreamed of!

Three Crucial Steps in Manifesting

The best technique to keep in mind when conducting The Creative Process is to include these THREE STEPS.

​First step: ASK

Ask for what it is you are desiring or dreaming of. Whether it’s money, love, health or whatever, be specific regarding your request. If its love or a relationship then be specific as to what they should look like, act like, etc. If it’s money how much? Or if it’s material things like a house or a car, what kind? How big? It is YOUR wish list so design yourself your specific dream or desire.
Once you create that list, put together a dream board of what you are trying to attract. (I am a FIRM believer in dream boards). You put your dream board that may have images, descriptive words, your feelings about this manifestation. Put your dream board where you will see it every day. It is there to be a physical, mental, and emotional reminder of your desire (manifestation).

I would even take a picture of it on my smartphone so I can remind myself of that desire wherever I am and whatever I am doing.

Next use your imagination. Imagine how you would feel if this request was in your life right now. How does it make you feel good? Good feelings are the best way to attract all things that you dream and want in your life.
Imagine yourself on a tropical destination with the person that you are trying to manifest. Imagine walking hand and hand on the beach, enjoying each others company, and feeling the passion that exists between the two of you.
Imagine your home life and how it would be at home, receiving gifts, laughing and enjoying each others company, or just being happy to we see each other every day.

If it’s a material thing, imagine yourself living in that house, driving that car, looking at your bank account balance. Anything and Everything that pertains to your manifestation should be imagined in great detail.
The greater the detail the more focus and attention you are directing to that desire.
Just sit, relax and visualize it in your mind like you are really experiencing it, make it as vivid and real as possible.

Once you get this part done, you are ready to move on to the second part…
Second step: BELIEVE​
Believe that your new manifestation is on its way. BUT, this is a very difficult part because our programming and “old s..t” get in the way of our being in the believing mindset. Also, believing that we are WORTHY enough to receive this manifestation. I struggled with this part for a long time until I finally broke through.​

Be hopeful, hopeful that the universe will, in fact, deliver the specific attraction that you dreamed of. You have to firmly believe that this item or person will come into your life. You must act as if it is here now!

Repeat to yourself, I am happy to have (this attraction thing or person) of my dreams. I am so happy and excited to see and enjoy this desire when I get home.
This is the perfect way to get yourself into the belief and thought process that your dream or desire is in your life now, causing a strong vibration in you and out into the universe that you already have who you have dreamed about (manifested) and those vibrations (energy) will give back to you that what you are feeling.

The more intense your feelings are and the more details you can put into focus on your manifestation, the faster it will come to you. 

I also utilized a couple of other resources which greatly added to my already building foundation of manifesting knowledge. Here are a couple of other good tools and resources. I also learned first-hand that in order to achieve this lifelong dream, you have to not only invest and commit your time, attention, heart and soul but also some very small financial investment so you can get the best resources out there.

I could go on for a very long time on this second step but let’s take a quick overview of the third step.
The third step is: RECEIVE​

BE PATIENT! Don’t ask yourself after a few days where your dream or desire is. If you do that, you are giving off a lack vibration and focusing on not having something, which and the Universe will respond to your lack feelings and vibrations giving you more lack in return, resulting in taking a longer time for you to receive what you are asking for.

Some will be able to attract or manifest a request faster than others meaning they are in alignment with their thoughts, feelings and giving off good energy and vibrations, so they are able to attract much quicker.

Others will take more time to come into alignment with their thoughts and beliefs in what they are trying to manifest. It isn’t a bad thing. This is where I struggled for quite some time until I was able to break through. Our society (and me) are immediate gratification people and we want things now, now, now!
And do not worry about how, when, or where this attracted desire will show up; the Universe will take care of those details for you.

Another point I can't emphasize enough is to practice gratitude everyday. My normal routine is the minute I wake up I do a 10 minute morning meditation that starts my day.

The minute I put my feet on the floor from my bed I thank the Universe for everything I have. Home, family, pets, job, future home, future whatever, I give thanks for!

I then write in my journal everything I am happy for (kinda duplicating what I did earlier but, for me, writing it gets it embedded better into my mind. Ialso write three to five goals I want to accomplish for the day. When I first started my goals were simple, shower, get out of the house on time for work, and to feed the dogs.

As I progressed I still made my goal list but it was more for the overall day. I even had one just for work. The reason for doing these things is to set your vibration on HIGH. You want positive energy to be exuding from you at all points during the day.

The minute you don't think positively and don't focus on what you want, for this blog it's a relationship. If you think "well its been a week and nothing" your energy and vibration is that of "lack" and not abundance. For you are focusing (by default) on what you DON'T have, instead of keeping your mind open as to when that person will arrive.

If you don't limit the "when" part, it will come sooner than later, I promise!!

Manifesting and Law of Attraction Success Stories

Do you want to make more money?

Why aren't you?

Do you have a plan to make more money?

If not, here is step one in making more money then you can possibly dream of!
Two of my favorite manifestation/law of attraction success stories were those of the actor, Jim Carrey, and the famous restaurantuer, Colonel Harlan Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

Jim Carrey was a stand up comedian and budding actor when he was younger. Many knew of him through his comedy skits from the Second City group and his many appearances hosting Saturday Night Live.

When Carrey was performing his stand up and comdey routines with the Second City Group, he was focused on "hitting it big".

This focus drove him for years. As part of this focus (and attention), Carrey wrote himself a $10 million dollar check and placed it in his wallet so it would always be a reminder of his manifestation goal.

His manifestation was that he vowed to cash that check before his 30th birthday.

For 5 years he continued to work and move towards his manifestation goal. Finally in November 1991, Carrey was cast for the movie Dumb and Dumber, and he signed a contract for $10 million dollars! Two months before his January birthday and deadline! 
Colonel Harlan Sanders, the founder of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) had a great fried chicken recipe that he was very proud of and his family gave rave reviews of.

Colonel Sanders had a vision of sharing his recipe with as many people as possible. His manifestation and focus was to figure out how to accomplish that task.

Colonel Sanders was 65 years old when he came up with this idea. He took his first social security check which was $99 and start to work on his idea.

His idea was simple, go to restaurants and try to GIVE AWAY his secret recipe. Instead of selling the recipe to the restaurant owners, his idea was to give it to them and the only thing he wanted in return was a small percentage of each fried chicken dish they sold.

He got 1007 "no's" before his first "yes"! And the rest is history.

Both of these stories of manifestation show that if you have a vision, place daily focus and attention to it, conitnue to work towards these manifestation goals, the opportunities will happen. you just have to keep an open mind as to when the opportunities will occur.

​Bottom line, maintain your manifestation focus and attention, work at it daily, have reminders or vision boards, and above all else do not place limitations on anything related to your desire. No time limits or any other expectations outside of the fact that your desire will come if you keep your attention on it!

The Steps I Took and Resources to Help Increase Self Confidence, Self Esteem as Well as Creating Limitless Positive Vibrations and Energy

Everyone that I come across wants to discuss how our programming influences and usually limits what we really want to attract. Their questions always revolve around why they can't manifest what they truly want. Instead they say that they sometimes end up with something they really did NOT want.

The attracting of something other thatn what you truly desire results from you focusing on things other than what you truly have your hopes set on. If you want to manifest new home, but your thoughts are of how that is going to come to you, how much it would cost, how you are going to afford it, then you're focused on lack as well as something that you can't control. Programming!

When I the epople I run across its your programming or current focus, a spirited discussion usually ensues. It usually is full of denial, deflection and the hesitation to take accountability that everything someone has in their life is a result of THEIR decisions and no one else's.

This was difficult for me to hear and embrace on the beginning of my journey. I loved to blame someone else for any decision or outcome that did not go the way I had hoped.

The truth is we let people Influence or impact decisions we have made in our past. Many of us have spent our entire lives letting other people control us, manipulate us, and influence our decisions.

In my opinion, this is from people's lack of self confidence, self esteem, and a combination of guilt, shame, and plain old not feeling worthy. 

In my world, I gave control of my feelings, self esteem, self confidence, and worthiness to everyone except ME!

The perfect example is when I went to buy a car that I really wanted. I bought a very nice Hyundai Sonata. I really liked the car, color and how it handled (and price). I remember distinctly my partner at the time saying, that is a kind of "cheapy" looking car, didn't like the color I picked and the ride was not very smooth, I was crushed!

Instead of being a healthy, self confident person, I was crushed and let those words define me, my decisions, my actions, etc. This happened throughout my life for as long as I could remember (programming and surroundings).

This was the number one thing I had to identify, acknowledge and change before I could manifest anything. 

So my journey began when I did start to take accountability for everything in my life. Everything was in my life based on decisions I had made. Once I accepted that, I began to develop a plan to build my self esteem, self confidence and self worth.

I focused on three main areas; Body, Mind and Spirit.

I wanted to build these areas not for compliments or comments, I didn't care what people thought, I promised myself that NO ONE'S words, thoughts, opinions were going to affect me in any way, I was going to do this for MYSELF by MYSELF.   

My Path to Becoming My Authentic Self

Step 1 - Physical Change

Once I began my journey, the first step I took (in conjunction with working with Miracle Manifestation program materials) was to start with my health. My thinking was that once I cleaned up my diet and started back on a consistent fitness routine, I would start to feel better.

Primarily because I knew that replacing old, unhealthy habits, behaviors and thinking with new healthier ways of acting, responding, reacting and thinking would begin my road to aligning my feelings and thoughts.

I also knew that the new diet and fitness plans would not only make me feel better by being more active, they would also pose some inspirational and motivational short term goal accomplishments.

Feelings Before Becoming Emotionally, Mentally and Physically Happy

From my past fitness experiences, I knew that setting short term, easier to reach goals was always a good plan for me. Setting the goals shorter in length and more reasonable in achievement was always a great motivator for me. For example, I set a goal of climbing 50 flights of stairs on the stairmaster in 15 minutes by the end of ten days. 

I knew that it was achieveable but was also going to challenge me in that period of time. Once I met that goal, I was extremely happy and felt a great deal of pride. More importantly, I was more inspired to set another goal in a different time frame.

The reason this is important is because if we want to change our old programming and old habits, we have to replace them with new habits and new thinking. Reaching these repeat short term fitness goals is a great way to start the new programming.

I discuss in the " Our Programming " page, how our old programs can be changed by observation, repitition, and consistency. My workouts were a perfect template for that sequence.

This leads me to a couple of books I read from Tony Robbins, the great motivator and self improvement, self empowerment expert. Tony's take (which is the Law of Attraction) but he tweaks it a little bit and uses different terminology is a great and powerful read.

Tony promotes to COMMIT to your goal what ever that goal is. Money, Love, Health and Fitness, whatever you have to commit to achieve your goal. I correlate this to a combination of the Act and Believe parts of the Law of Attraction process.

Ladies Treat Yourself

Feelings After Achieving Emotional, Mental and Physical Happiness

According to Tony, once you commit you then have to take "massive action" in order to achieve your goal. To paraphrase, even though you want it, envision it and commit to it (the law of attraction uses the term manifest and vision in this sense) you still can't sit back and let it happen.

You have to do your part to encourage it to happen. Not only be open to it, be open to opportunities that arise and also in the case of changing yourself physically, get out and do something. Eat better, exercise more, hike, take a more positive view of your life and the world.

Once you shift to that type of mentality you will be amazed at home much good and beauty you find around you everyday which you probably routinely overlooked before that mind shift.
On my wife's recommendation, I also started yoga, which prior to this time in my life was way too "girlie" for me. I have to be honest it is one of the more challenging fitness things to do, but SO rewarding. Yoga works on not only your body but your mind and spirit as well.

Another great impact that this self empowering plan brings, is the fact that it sets a great model for our children. Passing on our bad habits, behaviors and programming is only natural until we become conscious of our programming and commit to changing it.

My kids are all in their 20's but have noted the positive changes in me, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They now see that eating well, taking care of our one and only body , poses great positive physical effects and it also creates a very positive and palpable positive energy that was probably not visible before.

Don't get me wrong, I love my pizza, pasta, and other food/beverage vices but the plans I followed allowed me to do that. Not to mention that if your life is anything like mine (sometimes hectic schedules, etc.) many of the meal plans and cookbooks I am recommending take all that into account. A lot of 30 minute HEALTHY meal plans in them (and honestly very tasty too). 

I have included a few of the programs ( listed on the Home Page ) I have done over the course of my journey and I still continue to rotate through all of them to this day. Please check them out to see if any resonate with you.


The mental change came to me in conjunction with the physical change part. Once I became more active, had more energy, feeling better mentally was a natural result. Don't get me wrong, feeling better mentally and physically was an enormous positive change for me.

But the bigger obstacle was to close out the words, judgements and other influences people I surrounded myself with had on me. I had so many years of other people influencing me, controlling me and manipulating me, that this was my default programming.

This time I was committed to drown those out and not let them affect me any more. This became exponentially easier when my self confidence, self worth and self empowerment began to appear back in my life. I meditated alot which helped slow my mind and gave me the ability to focus on what I wanted not what I didn't want.

Remember, the law of attraction works both ways. It works on attracting the things you are focused on and are giving your attention to. So for me, that meant I had to change my thinking from knowingly disappointing people because their thoughts, values, actions, words no longer aligned with the new me!

I was no longer eating better and working out because I wanted OTHERS to see that in me and to validate me, I was now doing it for my own pleasure, validation and actually my enjoyment.

I battled my old thinking and programming it seemd like almost daily. Most battles I won but did slide back on an occassion or two. I did not beat myself up. I just reminded myself of my new path and o place my wants and needs first for the first time in my life.

When I felt an internal struggle coming on, I used the 1, 2, 3 method.

This method is to 1) STOP and OBSERVE what you are struggling with

                            2) THINK about how you are feeling and focus on how you want to feel instead.

                            3) ACT in a manner that is thought out and that you are in control of. Avoid confrontation and walk away if necessary.

This method worked great for me. But our programming is so engrained that sometimes we don't have time to implement the 1,2,3 method because we instantaneously and subconsciously react or respond. We developed this response as a survival tactic. This instinctive reaction or response did happen to me. But the more I was in tune with myself, the less frequent those occurrences happened.

Self worth as well as a strong belief in yourself and your convictions is an absolute necessity for life success as well as being able to master the law of attraction .

It took me some time to get to this point. I keep referring to our individual programming , but in my estimation this is the "key" to mastering the law of attraction as well as consistently succeeding in life.

I also redefined "success" and "failure". Probably like many of you, success is an accomplishment of some sort. Top of your career, a specific amount of money you set out to accumulate, whatever is our definition of success. Failure is the complete opposite. We did not get the desired results from something so therefore we "failed".

Think about that last statement. " We did not get the desired results from something so therefore we "failed". Essentially, we placed and expectation or a desired outcome out there and when what we were doing or trying to accomplish did not meet that outcome or expectation,we deemed it a failure.

I have completely changed my outlook on this subject. I now believe that nobody fails. I believe that some people do not attain their desired outcomes that they set. But that is a chance to learn, adapt, and change some things to try again.

The story that helped me change my outlook on this subject is that of James Casey, founder of UPS. In 1907, Casey was a 19 year old bicycle messenger. He and his friend Claude Ryan, decided to open what is now UPS. Hey pitched their idea and were soundly laughed at. "Why would people pay to ship packages quickly when they have the Post Office?" they routinely heard.

Yet they moved forward with their idea, despite the ridicule and naysayers.

Their goal was to ship 157 packages on their first day in order to make ends meet.

They shipped 7!! And 5 were test packages!

When Casey was asked how it went and if he felt like a failure, he response was "failure?" I disagree, I SUCCESSFULLY shipped two packages!

Because Casey did not let the not achieving any of their perceived outcomes, his view was that of the positive in what they accomplished. This thinking is very apparent in many successful people. 


My spiritual change came as a result of my changing my mind and body. With the work I did with meditations and yoga, I got a first time connection with my "inner being", "source" or what some people refer to as one's soul.

I started to connect with inner peace that I had never done before. I started to enjoy nature, both being out in it and just admiring its beauty, serenity, and mystique.

I began to appreciate so many things that I had. A loving, wonderul wife, fantastic children and grandchildren, great family and friends, awesome house,  and of course, my pets.

This spirituality grew daily. Looking at the positives in life and the abundance versus the negatives and lack, is such a freeing feeling. It is one of the steps leading towards manifesting and successfully applying the law of attraction .

Waking up and expressing my greatfulness for everything I have and looking forward to the things I desire, creates a daily excitement. The excitement comes  from the anticipation of my manifestation coming true.

Understanding that we are all made up of energy. So if we are positive and give off positive vibrations and positive energy, the law of attraction says "like attracts like", therefore if we are feeling positive and good, that's what we will attract.   

I strive for that positive vibrations and energy every day and all the good that comes with it.